ExSeed Sperm Test | 5 Test per Home Kit


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What is ExSeed?

ExSeed is the only sperm test for sperm count and motility with a personalised lifestyle intervention programme.

Using state-of-the art technology it is now possible to analyse sperm quality at home in privacy.

In addition, through the ExSeed app, you will receive personal counseling and lifestyle program to help you increase sperm quality and optimise fertility for best chances of pregnancy.

What can the ExSeed sperm test do?

ExSeed is a CE medical device, smartphone-based (iPhone 6 or later versions or Android ) self-test for assessment of:

  • Semen volume (ml)
  • Sperm cell concentration (Million/ml)
  • Sperm cell motility (%)
  • Total Motile Sperm Cell count(Million)

ExSeed enables you to assess the quality of your sperm sample. It also enables you to monitor and track the progression of sperm quality over time.

The ExSeed sperm test does not provide a comprehensive evaluation of a man’s fertility status and is intended for over-the counter use only. For a complete assessment of male reproductive health, you should consult your doctor.

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**For 10% off RRP please use code ‘yourjourney’ at checkout**


How precise is the ExSeed ‘at home’ sperm test? :

In a clinical study comparing the results of the ExSeed self-test to certified laboratory equipment, ExSeed obtained a correct classification in over 95% of cases for the measurement of Total Motile Sperm Cells (TMSC) in a semen sample.

Accuracy for the sperm cell concentration per mL has been tested in the range of 5M/ml to 125M/ml. If the test repeatedly shows less than 5M/ml, it is recommended that you seek further medical consultation. If the test shows more than 125M/ml, it means that you are in the very high range. The test result in this range may be presented with less accuracy.

What’s in the ExSeed Box?

  • One ExSeed analysis device
  • 5 x collection cups and lids
  • 5 x sample slides
  • 5 x wipes
  • Instruction manual

And in addition you will have FREE access to:

  • The ExSeed app (Free download on App Store or Google Play) 
  • 1 consultation call with expert (15-20 min)

The ExSeed App

From the ExSeed app you can:

  • Watch an instruction video 
  • View and track semen analysis results over time
  • See videos of your semen samples  
  • Access personal lifestyle programs and  coaching. 
  • Find contact information on fertility clinics near you
  • Send your fertility report to a health professional 
  • Read general information about sperm quality and male fertility
  • Book a consultation with a lifestyle coach 
  • Access a direct link to the ExSeed Website 
  • Get 24/7 technical support

How to do a sperm test with ExSeed

(Step by step instructions are found in the ExSeed App)

  1. Download the App and follow the guide for taking a sperm analysis
  2. Collect the sample in the collection cup and leave to liquefy for 15 minutes.
  3. Part of the sample is transferred to the sample slide with the pipette incorporated in the lid of the collection cup. Residual liquid is removed with the wipe.
  4. Insert the sample slide into the ExSeed analysis device. A light in the device will automatically turn on. 
  5. Place your smartphone on top of the device and a video sequence of the sample is recorded via the ExSeed App and sent to the data analysis.

It takes around 1-3 minutes for the image analysis to be completed and the result to be shown in the ExSeed App (This will depend on the speed of the internet connection and the phone model that is used.)

A mobile phone iOS (iPhone 6 or later) or Android system (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7 or later) is required for the ExSeed App.

Caution and Warnings 

  • The ExSeed test cannot predict pregnancy chances as this is also dependent on the female fertility status.
  • ExSeed Sperm test kit is a consumer product and only to be used by 1 person. 
  • For a complete evaluation of a male’s reproductive health, a medical professional should be consulted. 
  • The sperm test cannot be used as birth-control. 
  • It is recommended that the user is abstinent from ejaculation 2-3 days before test day. 
  • If you have had fever (>38C) for several days or a period with severe disease within the last 2-3 months, your semen quality can be affected. Therefore, it is recommended taking a new test when you are back to normal health.
  • Be aware that anabolic steroids (and other testosterone containing drugs) and recreational drugs can impact sperm quality. 



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