Fertility Coaching

Fertility coaching is a relatively new approach that is becoming more and more popular as women experience the benefit reducing stress and increasing positivity has on their ability to conceive. It isn’t easy to feel positive when navigating a fertility journey but it is possible to reset the balance and be the best possible you despite your fertility struggle. Fertility coaching adopts a dynamic, forward looking approach which is solution-focused. Rather than considering WHY you feel the way you do, coaching helps you to explore HOW you want to feel.

A 2018 study led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) found higher levels of stress are associated with lower odds of conception for women (Wesselink et al 2018). Whilst this study does not prove that stress causes infertility, and in fact there is no robust studies to date that do – rather that stress is a consequence of infertility, it does provide evidence supporting the importance of fertility coaching for women navigating a fertility journey. Whilst IVF is physically exhausting and all encompassing it is actually what is going on in the mind that is more debilitating and therefore treating the mind is just as important as treating your body.

Coaching isn’t therapy or counselling; it is an opportunity to explore barriers in the here and now and helps you to helps you to find contentment, whilst equipping you with the tools you need whilst successfully navigating your fertility journey.

Fertility coaching helps you to achieve a more positive mind-set and regain a sense of purpose and hope. It can support you along the path towards your ultimate goal and help your dreams become a reality.

Many women feel they loose a sense of self whilst trying to conceive. Fertility coaching puts you firmly in the driving seat and empowers you to take control.

As your fertility advocate I can also help you understand national and local fertility policy to ensure you get access to the investigations and treatments you are entitled to and liaise with your local CCG or hospital as appropriate. Importantly as your coach, I am able to offer you a non-biased, non-judgemental and completely independent opinion. Unlike your (however well meaning) friends, family and clinic I don’t come with an agenda, and I am here to help you process all that you are going through and guide you through your fertility journey.

So, how can Fertility Coaching help you?

Are you constantly stressed and worry what impact this is having on your ability to conceive?
Are you struggling to maintain a positive mind-set whilst navigating your fertility journey?
Do you feel you have lost control of what’s happening to you?
Do you feel that life is on hold and all about conceiving?
Do you feel you have lost sight of who YOU are individually or as a couple?
Do you feel cheated or is resentment is starting to creep in?
Are you left wondering ‘why me?

Would you like to…

Feel more positive and less stressed?
Put the fun back in to your life and feel more in control of what’s happening to you?
Talk to someone who really understands what you are going through?
Learn tools you can use to help you through the difficult days?
Overcome obstacles, fears and insecurities?
Gain a sense of perspective and purpose?
Feel confident that you are accessing all the investigations and treatments that your are entitled to within national and local policy.

Work with me

As well as being a fertility coach I am also a qualified nurse with over 20 years experience in fertility and women’s health. This means I have all the clinical knowledge to really understand your journey. This makes me unique as the only fertility coach in the UK to have a clinical background in fertility, gynaecology and sexual health and ideally placed to help you. So not only do you get my coaching expertise but you get all my fertility knowledge and advice to really help you along your fertility journey!

I coach with total passion, positivity and unconditional commitment to helping you. I’ll walk by your side, whilst together we navigate your fertility journey.

”Kate’s natural manner makes her a perfect fertility coach coupled with her years of experience. Her natural manner, lack of judgement and constructive empathy allows her to ask the right thought provoking questions at the right time, whilst at the same time having the awareness to gently move the session along towards some sort of resolution, however small that might be at the time, so that progress is made in the right direction. Added to this her comprehensive knowledge about pregnancy and how to get pregnant, makes the time spent invaluable.”


”I’ve just had an amazing coaching session with Kate, I feel more positive and happy to get on to achieving my goals. Thank you so much for the time and to be treated in a really friendly and happy manner”


“The whole experience has really helped me to focus my attention on the things I can control, not the things I can’t.  You speak from a position of knowledge but also passion which is so important and you are authentic and interested in the problems and challenges your clients are facing. Coaching with you has made me feel so much more positive and in control of what is going on around me.”


How do the sessions work?

I offer packages of 3 or 5 –  1 hour sessions.

3 x 1 hour coaching session fee – £330

5 x 1 hour coaching sessions fee – £540

(NOTE: Payment for your consultation is via credit card at the time of booking. Cancellation with full refund can occur at anytime, up to 48 hours prior to appointment date. After this time your consultation fee will not be refunded.)

 To help you decide if I’m the right coach for you, book your complementary 30 minute coaching session. In this session….

We’ll talk about your fertility journey so far
We will look at the areas you feel you need coaching in
I’ll suggest ways in which I can coach you to achieve a more positive mindset and reach your goals
You’ll get a taste for how I coach and see if this works for you
Consultations are  conducted via online video. The frequency of the sessions is totally up to you and what is going on in your fertility journey at that time. Many of my ladies going through IVF love the flexibility of booking a session when they really need it, such as around the time of embryo collection or transfer and in the two week wait. So I work with you to suit your needs.


  1. Amelia K Wesselink, Elizabeth E Hatch, Kenneth J Rothman, Jennifer L Weuve, Ann Aschengrau, Rebecca J Song, Lauren A Wise. Perceived Stress and Fecundability: A Preconception Cohort Study of North American Couples. American Journal of Epidemiology, 2018;
Your Complementary 30 mins telephone coaching session

  • We’ll talk about your fertility journey so far
  • We will look at the areas you feel you need coaching in
  • I’ll suggest ways in which I can coach you to achieve a more positive mindset and reach your goals
  • You will get a taste for how I coach and see if this works for you