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Fertility Blood Tests

During a consultation, I can recommend and arrange specific blood tests based on what you need. I interpret your results and provide you with a detailed copy of the report.

Fertility Coaching

Emotional support to help you regain hope and positivity. Gives you the tools to navigate your fertility journey & reach your goals.

Natural Fertility

In-depth fertility assesssment & expert advice to optimise your fertility & increase your chances of natural conception.

PCOS Support

Take control of your PCOS, reduce your symptoms & optimise your fertility. Feel like YOU again.

Lifestyle Matters

Find out how lifestyle impacts your fertility & the changes you need to make to boost your chances of conceiving naturally or with IVF.

Supplements and Nutrition

Which fertility supplements are right for you & which foods help to optimise your fertility & pregnancy. Find out all the must knows.

Stress and Emotions

Understand how stress impacts on your ability to conceive & learn strategies to manage your emotions & become a more positive you.

Natural Contraception

Become an expert in managing your own fertility. Learn how to use this natural, safe and up to 99% effective method of contraception.

Your Menstrual Cycle and Hormonal Health

Find out if you are in good hormonal health. Understand what this means for your menstrual cycle & your fertility.

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Sarah - Fertility Patient

Hi Kate, my little rainbow has arrived. After a long and stressful journey he is here. C section was complicated and an 11 day stay on ward has been hard but we are now home . Thank you for everything xx

Debbie - Fertility Patient

I cannot believe I’m actually pregnant after all the doubting and reassurance I needed. Every kick – and there are so many – is magical to me and I honestly can’t believe it sometimes. I am truly grateful to you for your guidance and very practical support which made such a difference. I am lucky to have so many caring people around me but at times the only thing that helped me was hearing your perspective on my charts and constructive suggestions. I will always remember how you helped me and be amazed by your deep knowledge.

Melissa - Fertility Patient

Thank you so much Kate, you are great support as always and I can’t thank you enough.

Elena - Fertility Patient

Just wanted to send you an update to say that I’ve had the laparoscopy operation today and they found endometriosis (stage 2), it was all over my pelvis on both sides as well as on the pouch of douglas. Thankfully the consultant managed to remove it all and he seemed very pleased with how it had all gone. Just recovering in hospital now. Thank you again for suggesting I might have it. It has made a big difference to me in my life especially when my GP strongly said she was adamant I didn’t have it.

Jenny - Fertility Patient

I have just had my consultation with Kate. Not only was it so informative, it was like 5 years of frustration lifted someone finally listened! And boy she knows her stuff!

Heather - PCOS Patient

I just wanted to personally thank you, as I wouldn’t be where we are today without you and your amazing advise. You are just out of this world. Always there when we need you. I don’t know where else you’d find this type of service.  So thank you. And keep up the amazing work. It’s still early days yet. But I’m hoping it’s a sticky one!

Caroline - PCOS Patient

Thanks again, I really appreciate all your help and advice. You are amazing and I really don’t know what I’d do without being able to seek advice from you.

Natalie - Fertility Coaching Client

You’re the best! I feel so much less worried about everything already. Thank you hugely.

Ann-Marie - Natural Fertility Patient

I came to see you with my husband sometime in early 2015. I fell pregnant some months later in early 2016 and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in October 2016! I wanted to say thank you for your tips, advice and encouragement.

Lauren - Natural Fertility Patient

Thank you again for all of your kind words. It’s so nice to have someone with your expertise to help make sense of things.

Charlotte - PCOS Patient

Kate I can honestly say that without you, I wouldn’t be holding our little girl in my arms as I write you this email. Words are not enough but thank you so much.

Stacey - PCOS Patient

Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me to manage my weight and PCOS symptoms. I am now ovulating, which is the first time in years!

Karen - PCOS Patient

Thanks Kate, you are a great help to us girls who are struggling.

Rebecca - Fertility Patient

Thanks for a great session this week! Really appreciate you taking the time and all your advice. You are wonderful! Thanks so much.

Jo - Coaching Client

Having had counselling in the past to try and help me on my journey I was intrigued by coaching because it takes a more forward looking approach. Having met Kate I am really glad I started this journey! Kate gets the technical side of infertility but she is also a natural people person. I was impressed with how easy it was to connect to her and she seemed to ‘get’ me really quickly! I need practical steps to take to be able to feel like I have got this and Kate recognized that… how did she know I need a to do list! Kate is empathetic yet straight talking! Just what I needed!! Really glad I have signed up!

Aneta - Coaching Client

Thanks to you Kate I have gained more confidence and have started thinking more positively about everything!

Katherine - Coaching Client

Kate’s natural manner makes her a perfect fertility coach coupled with her years of experience in this sector. Her natural manner, lack of judgement and constructive empathy allows her to ask the right thought provoking questions at the right time, whilst at the same time having the awareness to gently move the session along towards some sort of resolution, however small that might be at the time, so that progress is made in the right direction. Added to this her comprehensive knowledge about pregnancy and how to get pregnant, makes the time spent invaluable. Kate can wear the two hats of coach and mentor with ease, and knows when to use the right one

Gemma - Coaching Client

I’ve just had an amazing coaching session with Katie, I feel more positive and happy to get on to achieving my goals. Thank you so much for the time and to be treated in a really friendly and happy manner about trying to achieve my personal goals x

Carly - PCOS Patient

If anyone of you is considering have a chat with Kate, don’t think twice about it. What a lovely, knowledgeable, kind and caring person she is. Kate really knows her information on things fertility related and was able to explain things to me better than anyone else.

Anna - Fertility Patient

Thank you Kate for you’re lovely, supportive chat today…you made a bad day a lot easier. X

Victoria - Fertility Patient

Thank you so much Kate, you really are a complete gem and I don’t know what I would have done without you. You have been our best ‘find’ in this whole process and I really have to thank you from the bottom of my heart

Clare - Fertility Patient

It was incredibly reassuring to be able to talk to a professional who actually listened and didn’t rush on to the next patient! Kate took a medical history, gave recommendations for additional things I can do to increase my chances of conception, answered my questions, and even worked with me on scheduling across timezones. It was so great to be heard! Thank you

Olivia - Coaching Client

Without you, I’m not sure how I would still be keeping going! I’d recommend coaching with you to anyone I knew – having fertility issues or not. It has been so useful to have someone to talk and how this keeps me focused on what I want to deal with, rather than on the negatives, and having expert fertility knowledge means I feel like I can come to you with my questions too, which is priceless

Lindsey - Coaching Client

Kate coached me during IVF and in the first couple of months of pregnancy. She is extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Right from the start she put me at ease and was able to help me work through a number of issues. She provided me with a number of useful techniques to try and helped me to see potential problems in different ways. Her fertility knowledge and expertise was also incredibly useful. Coaching is a fantastic tool and I would highly recommend fertility coaching with Kate

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