Fertility Consultation

Are you looking to find out more about your fertility? If you’re trying to conceive or worried that getting pregnant hasn’t happened for you yet, then you probably want to talk this through with someone who understands natural fertility.

Your doctor may have told you to go away and keep trying for a while longer but you feel that you need some extra help understanding what you can do to maximise your chances of conceiving.

As an experienced fertility nurse consultant, I can offer you a one-to-one fertility consultation – via online video so that I can assess your fertility potential, discuss with you how you might be able to achieve pregnancy naturally, recommend and undertake blood tests and other investigations and advise on the right supplements for you. I work closely with a Fertility Consultant to provide the most appropriate care for you. As your fertility advocate I can also help you understand national and local fertility policy to ensure you get access to the investigations and treatments you are entitled to and liaise with your local CCG or hospital as appropriate. 

What patients Say

“Thanks again for the consult yesterday. I really appreciate your feedback & also your support. Sometimes it’s so lonely trying to advocate for yourself & it is so nice to find others in the field who understand how hard it is.”


I am so pleased that I found Kate. Her advice and information on how to conceive naturally has been invaluable. I now feel so much better informed.


I started working with Kate three months ago and now I’m pregnant! If you are thinking of getting in touch with Kate, don’t think – DO! You won’t regret it!


A typical natural fertility consultation involves:

Taking a detailed medical history
A lifestyle assessment – this will look at nutrition, occupation, stress, toxins, drugs, alcohol, frequency of sex, exercise, smoking, weight and much more
Recommend and arrange specific blood tests and scans based on need – such as AMH, progesterone, full hormone profile and ultrasound scans, interpret your results and provide you with a detailed copy of the report (UK only. Extra charge dependent on test). We are also happy to accept and review any recent blood tests you have had taken elsewhere. Please supply a copy of your tests results.
Private referral to a Fertility Specialist for tests and treatments (UK only)
Recommendations on fertility supplements
Teaching of fertility indicators (temperature, cervical secretion changes, and changes in the position of your cervix throughout the month)
Full explanation of charting your fertility indicators
Confirmation of ovulation and when in the cycle you are most fertile
Diagnosing and advising on any potential fertility issues
Fabulous resources that will maximise your chances of conceiving
A bespoke follow-up report with written recommendations to help you optimise conception
Communication with your doctor/specialist as required and ensure that you are offered the appropriate investigations and treatments within your local area.

How do the sessions work?

It’s also a good length of time to implement lifestyle and dietary changes, if necessary, and to see how they impact on your overall health and fertility.

Consultations can be booked to fit in with your busy schedule and because we can get together via online video, distance isn’t a problem.

Fertility consultation (1 hour) fee – £98

Fertility consultation follow up (30 minutes. can only be booked following an initial consult) – £89

 (NOTE: Payment for your consultation is via credit card at the time of booking. Cancellation with full refund can occur at anytime, up to 48 hours prior to appointment date. After this time your consultation fee will not be refunded.)