Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome effects 1 in 10 women around the world. It is a debilitating condition that is all consuming and effects so many aspects of a woman’s life. Whilst there is no known cure, my PCOS Support programmes help you to manage your symptoms and improve your fertility so that you can conceive naturally.

If you are reading this, you are probably desperately trying to find help and support. You have come to the right place. PCOS is an area I have a special interest in and I have helped 100’s of women take back control of their PCOS and conceive naturally.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me to manage my weight and PCOS symptoms. I am now ovulating, which is the first time in years!” Stacey

“Thank you for the consultation today. I feel motivated to start taking back control of my PCOS and feel like I know so much more” Helen

PCOS Support is an individual and bespoke programme to suit your needs. My experience of working with women with PCOS has shown me that you need tailor-made expert help and motivation. You need someone to support you every step of the way, in the way that YOU need. Therefore my consultations are tailor-made for you.

We also recommend and arrange specific blood tests and scans based on need – such as AMH, progesterone, full hormone profile and ultrasound scans, interpret your results and provide you with a detailed copy of the report (UK only. Extra charge dependent on test). We are also happy to accept and review any recent blood tests you have had taken elsewhere. Please supply a copy of your tests results.

You can choose PCOS 101 which gives you in-depth expert advice in one consultation or choose the more extensive PCOS Gold to real make a difference and become a whole new you.

Take the first step in taking control of your PCOS and choose which consultation suits you best – 101 or Gold.

PCOS 101 consultation fee (1 hour plus a 30 minute follow-up) – £198

PCOS Gold consultation fee (1 hour plus 2 x 30 minute follow up)  – £365

(NOTE: Payment for your consultation is via credit card at the time of booking. Cancellation with full refund can occur at anytime, up to 48 hours prior to appointment date. After this time your consultation fee will not be refunded.)

PCOS Support Programmes

A 1 hour video consultation followed by a 30 minute follow-up. In-depth assessment and expert advice.
Symptom management – start feeling like the old you again
Weight loss support – A bespoke weight loss programme supporting you all the way
Exercise programme
Cycle management and regulation – lets get your cycles more normal in length and get ovulating again
Identification of ovulation – I help you identify your fertile time, which is so crucial for women with PCOS
Supplements and medication – find out which are the right supplements for you
Recommend and arrange specific blood tests based on need, interpret your results and provide you with a detailed copy of the report (UK only. Extra charge dependent on test)
Self esteem and motivation to really make that change
An initial 1 hour in-depth video consultation, followed by 1 hour and then 2 subsequent 30 minute sessions for ongoing support and motivation.

Consultation as PCOS 101, including the following extras:

Review and interpretation of 3 menstrual cycles
Nutrition – a diet plan that will work for you
Investigations and treatments – Interpretation of blood results etc, the next steps and what investigations to ask your doctor for
Ongoing support and motivation to reach your weight and exercise goals
As your fertility advocate I can also help you understand national and local fertility policy to ensure you get access to the investigations and treatments you are entitled to and liaise with your local CCG or hospital as appropriate.