Are you trying to conceive? Is that a familiar phrase which you hear all too often when you confide in someone that you are trying for a baby and it is taking longer than you expected?Have you considered Fertility Reflexology?

A number of my clients who come and see me for fertility reflexology tell me time and time again that this is the advice they are given by well meaning friends and family. They feel overwhelmed by this ‘need’ to ‘relax’ to the point that the advice becomes counterproductive and they end up getting more stressed than before.

Our everyday lives in this day and age do not fit with taking regular time out for ourselves, and as a consequence our body, and our mind are used to running at 100 miles per hour. Factor in the thoughts about trying to conceive a much longed for baby and it all can get a bit much.

So how can  fertility reflexology help?

Fertility ReflexologyReflexology in general works on the principle that we have reflexes on our feet which correspond to all organs and systems in our body. By ‘working’ those reflexes through touch and pressure, a reflexologist aims to induce a feeling of deep relaxation which in turn reduces stress and calms the mind, all of which can play havoc with our fertility.

But what how can fertility reflexology help me?

As a fertility specialist, I understand fertility, not only from a reflexology perspective, but from a physiological one too. A reflexologist who specialises in treating couples trying to conceive will focus on hormone balancing and the functioning of the reproductive organs as well as promoting a sense of relaxation and supporting you as a client to ‘switch off’. What I have discovered over my time regularly treating this group of clients is that the cumulative effect of regular fertility reflexology treatments can have a real impact on the way clients approach the need to reduce the stress in their lives, and come to see their treatments as a regular way of really relaxing and taking time out from their busy lifestyles.

In addition, having someone to impartial to confide in who is there just for you in a safe, confidential space can allow some of those feelings of overwhelm and anxiety to be reduced.

Will fertility reflexology help me to get pregnant?

Fertility reflexology can have a massive impact on how you view your fertility journey and approach your experiences.  It is a choice that you make. Combined with other positive lifestyle changes and the use of natural fertility methods it can create a really powerful combination which is likely to increase your chances of conception. Even with clients who are going through assisted conception, like IVF,  fertility reflexology can support them by helping them stay relaxed, calm and with lower stress levels than if they went through it without this support.

How many treatments would be recommended?

This varies from client to client, as everyone is individual. In general I would recommend regular, either weekly or fortnightly treatments for a least the first 3 months to allow reflexology to do what it does best, rebalance and heal the body through reducing stress and deep relaxation.

So what next?

The best advice I can give is to find a reflexologist who specialises in fertility. The health issues which reflexology can address are wide and varied and to have someone who has a specialist interest in this area means they are up to date with current thinking and other treatments which may be able to support you on your journey. The best place to find a well qualified therapist is to contact the Association of Reflexologists, their website has a find a therapist search,

Finally, I want to say that you are not alone. Fertility reflexologists are there to listen, understand and work with you to achieve a positive outcome using every resource they have available and they will focus on reducing the stress you may be experiencing.

Guest blog by Clare Cogan –  fertility reflexologist

Just Relax and you will get Pregnant.....Fertility Reflexology