10-healthy-habitsof-womenwho-controltheir-pcosWhilst it’s not possible to cure PCOS, it is absolutely possible to control your symptoms and be the best possible you again. Women who control their symptoms decide to make considerable life changes and opt for healthy choices. Some of these changes are harder than others but all of them take great determination to see them through. Getting in to a habit of making these changes a part of your daily routine really helps to keep you motivated.

Here are the 10 Healthy Habits to control PCOS I encourage my patients to do everyday:

  1. Eat healthily – A poor diet feeds your PCOS symptoms by increasing your insulin levels and consequently further unbalancing your hormones. Eat a low carb, low sugar diet.
  1. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day – Flush out impurities and avoid sugary drinks and keep caffeine low.
  1. Follow a good skin care routine – Twice daily skin cleansing with organic natural beauty products will help minimise acne and oily skin.
  1. Regular Exercise – Exercising 3 times a week or even just 10 minutes of high intensity exercise a day will help to regulate your weight. Not only that but it will make you feel better about yourself too.
  1. 10 minutes of mindfulness each day – Mindfulness sets you up for the day. Scientific studies show that mindfulness helps you sleep better, love better, focus more, stress less and much much more.
  1. Take back control of their cycles – Women with PCOS find it difficult to know for sure when they are ovulating. Rather crucial if you are trying to conceive. Be smart and start to track your cycle every day.
  1. Take the right supplements for you – I’m not a fan of taking supplements for the sake of taking them, however there are certain supplements that may be just right for you and help you control your PCOS.
  1. Get informed – There is so much information out there for you to access. Women who control their PCOS spend the time to get informed and knowledgeable.
  1. 10 minutes of relaxation each day – PCOS and stress don’t mix. Consider what relaxation techniques suit you best and practice this for 10 minutes everyday.
  1. Love yourself – PCOS does not define you. You are beautiful, strong and in control. Work on your self-esteem, you are definitely worth it!

So what’s preventing you from starting these healthy habits today? You have the ability to make the right choices to take back control.

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10 Healthy Habits of Women who Control Their PCOS