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Whether you have just found out you have difficulty getting pregnant or whether you have been trying for a while, it doesn’t take much to be overwhelmed with all the fertility and infertility information available.

My Fertility Book is a jargon-free comprehensive resource that explains all the medical and non-medical fertility terms you’ll come across, from Acupuncture to Zygote and all the terms in between – basal body temperature, epigenetics and low ovarian reserve to name a few.

Sheila Lamb, who was a nurse and midwife before battling infertility for six years, understands exactly what others need to help them reduce some of the stress from their journey to getting pregnant.

To help explain some of the medical terms more easily, My Fertility Book includes wonderfully labelled illustrations and, to inject some humour into a serious topic, a cartoon or three. The emotional side of infertility hasn’t been forgotten either, as in My Fertility Book, Sheila shares her feelings and thoughts on terms such as egg collection/retrieval, miscarriage and the dreaded two-week wait.

Endorsed and reviewed by fertility experts such as myself and Jessica Hepburn, author of The Pursuit of Motherhood and 21 Miles, this book is your must-read fertility companion.

A donation is made to the Fertility Network UK from every sale.

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