I suspect for many of you the prospect of yet another Mother’s Day leaves you feeling cold and alone.  This time last year you may have even imagined that you too could be celebrating Mother’s Day with (what seems like) the rest of the world, but instead your arms are empty and your overwhelming longing to fill them remains. This year I challenge you to think differently about Mother’s Day.  I want you to turn the idea of Mother’s Day on it head. I want you to flip it. I want to you learn to get by in one piece Mother’s Day when trying to conceive.

This Sunday is not just for mothers………

  • It’s for the momma-to-be
  • It’s for the ones still trying
  • It’s for celebrating your mother
  • It’s for rejoicing in your female friendships.
  • It’s for loving the strong bond you have with all the women in your life.

It’s ok to shed a few tears on Sunday and it’s absolutely fine to avoid people and families out for Sunday walk if that’s what you need to do to get through. However you choose to mark this day and whoever you choose to spend it with, just make this day not all about the ‘mothers’ but about you too. Don’t be defined by your current difficulties in conceiving. You are special too and Mother’s Day when trying to conceive is a day to truly remember that.