Natural Contraception

Are you looking for an effective method of natural contraception you can trust?
Have you tried different contraceptives and found nothing that suits you?
Are you worried about the side effects of hormonal contraception?
Do you want to find a contraceptive that doesn’t interfere with sex?
Do you care about the environment and what you are putting in to your body?

Your Fertility Journey is the perfect place in which to confidentially learn how to use this effective, safe and completely natural method of contraception.

Natural Contraception Methods which use a combination of indicators are up to 99% effective when motivated couples are taught by experienced practitioners, and follow evidence-based guidelines (FPA 2010). This means that about 1 woman in 100 will conceive in a year when using the method correctly. (Frank-Herrmann 2007)  

If not used according to instructions, more women will get pregnant. Typical use failure rates as high as 24 women in 100 are often quoted for these methods, but this includes women who have had no formal instruction, use a single indicator method or an unreliable calendar calculation.   

I teach and help you to understand your menstrual cycle and what your body is telling you.

I help you to feel empowered and take control of your fertility, naturally and healthily to avoid unwanted hormonal side effects.

Learning about and using natural contraception gives you the confidence to enjoy intimacy with your partner without the fear of pregnancy.

When my husband and I decided to use Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) as our choice of contraception, we didn’t really know where to go to find all of the information we would need. We found Kate’s details and Kate couldn’t have been friendlier or more happy to help. With Kate’s help, we’ve gone from a clueless couple to a couple who are confident in using FAM to plan our family and avoid pregnancy for now. 

It goes without saying that my husband and I wanted to make sure we were able to chart well and interpret it correctly. I’ve been able to Skype with Kate and discuss my charts with her. Kate has also shared resources with me and has helped me to learn the rules. -Working with Kate has really boosted my confidence and she has been fantastic the whole way through. With Kate, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Chatting about such intimate things could be really embarrassing, but it has never been embarrassing or awkward with Kate. She is professional, caring and encouraging – exactly what I needed as I learnt and started practicing a form of contraception that too few people know about or understand. I would recommend Kate to anyone who is looking to understand their body better and prevent pregnancy naturally through FAM.” Lucy September 2017

I am so pleased to have found a method of contraception that is free from side effects. I feel so much better without hormones in my system. Thank you Kate” Bernice

I was initially anxious about learning to use natural contraception as it is so important for me to use a reliable method, but Kate’s obvious knowledge and expertise put me at ease straight away and now I have found a method for life!” Tonya

The Combined Method of Natural Contraception

This method involves identifying and observing changes in your natural fertility indicators. These indicators are your waking body temperature, cervical secretions and changes in the position of the cervix (optional). Recording these indicators on a simple chart helps you to see the times when you need to avoid having sex (or use a barrier method) and the times when you can confidentially have sex without the risk of pregnancy.

As an experienced fertility practitioner, I can offer you a one-to-one consultation – either in person or via Skype if you live further afield.

What a typical consultation involves

  • Taking a detail medical history
  • Teaching of fertility indicators (temperature, cervical secretion changes, and changes in the position of your cervix throughout the month)
  • How to chart
  • Review of subsequent charts during the learning process
  • Fabulous resources such as charts, fertility indicator graphics and a step by step manual
  • Free lifetime support via email/telephone

I normally recommend three natural contraception consultations over three months, as this gives you a good amount of time to learn the method and gives me the opportunity to review your charting, answer any questions and help you along the process.

Once you have learned how to use natural contraception, you have free access to me for as long as you want; to give you support, answer any questions and generally offer you guidance as you need.

Consultations can be booked to fit in with your busy schedule and because we can get together via Skype, distance isn’t a problem.

Call on the number at the top of the page or email for pricing and to book your consultation.