My fertility coaching clients frequently tell me that they are scared to allow themselves to believe that they might actually become pregnant.

Is this you? Does that sentence resonant with you?

Do you believe that if you allow yourself to hope that the universe will instead deal you a cruel hand? Or do you feel that if you allow yourself to hope, the despair of a failed IVF cycle or another negative pregnancy test would be greater and harder to bare?

I challenge you to think differently. I challenge you to take a brave step and allow yourself to feel hope. Give yourself permission to feel happiness and joy and at the possibility of a successful IVF cycle or the excitement of seeing those two little lines on a pregnancy test.

In your heart of hearts, do you really believe that the universe will deal you a cruel hand? Or that allowing yourself to hope will make your despair and disappointment any greater?

I say, that your disappointment would be just as great whether or not you spend the next few weeks with a positive mindset. The difference is that for the next few weeks you’ll feel happier, full of hope and possibility and is that not better than spending the time until you get your answer feeling miserable?

I say it is.

So make that change today, right now, this minute. Give yourself permission to be positive and leave your old negatively behind.

What have you got to lose?

Allow yourself to hope when TTC