Working with a Fertility Coach is becoming more and more popular for women going through a fertility journey in the UK, and it’s already a big thing in the US. You can find out more about Fertility Coaching and what’s involved here but how do you really know it’s working for you?

Here are 12 signs that my coaching clients tell me they feel and notice in themselves, as well as being noticed by their friends and families…….

  1. They know how to have fun and enjoy themselves
  2. They are super clear on what really matters to them
  3. They feel confident and use their strengths
  4. They feel connected to others and importantly their selves
  5. They have the focus to follow things through and get the results they want
  6. They have learned the importance of and can confidently say the word ‘No’
  7. They embrace their inner critic
  8. They worry less about things that haven’t even happened
  9. They go for their goals without fear
  10. They are full of positivity and ideas
  11. They love themselves despite their fertility challenges
  12. They are truly grateful for everything they have in their life.

What to feel like this? Get in touch and book a 30 minute complementary session to find out if Fertility Coaching is for you.

Here’s what some of my lovely coaching ladies say about coaching with me……

“The whole experience has really helped me to focus my attention on the things I can control, not the things I can’t.  You speak from a position of knowledge but also passion which is so important and you are authentic and interested in the problems and challenges your clients are facing. Coaching with you has made me feel so much more positive and in control of what is going on around me.” Olivia 

”Kate’s natural manner makes her a perfect fertility coach coupled with her years of experience. Her natural manner, lack of judgement and constructive empathy allows her to ask the right thought provoking questions at the right time, whilst at the same time having the awareness to gently move the session along towards some sort of resolution, however small that might be at the time, so that progress is made in the right direction. Added to this her comprehensive knowledge about pregnancy and how to get pregnant, makes the time spent invaluable.” Katherine

”I’ve just had an amazing coaching session with Kate, I feel more positive and happy to get on to achieving my goals. Thank you so much for the time and to be treated in a really friendly and happy manner” Gemma

12 Signs to recognise you're working with a Fertility Coach