Toxins and fertility are not a good mix. There are so many toxins in our everyday lives, at home and at work. It is impossible to completely rid ourselves of these nasty substances however you can try and reduce your toxin loading as much as possible.

Here are some quick and easy ways in which to consider toxins and fertility and reduce your toxin loading as much as possible.Toxins and Fertility: 5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Toxin Exposure

1. Ditch plastic water bottles

A nasty toxin called BPA (Bisphenol A) is used in plastics and this can be found in plastic water bottles. You know, the ones you take to work to sit beside your desk or you grab as you head out of the door to the gym.

BPA is linked to infertility and breast cancer and is termed an endocrine disrupter – meaning that it completely messes with your hormones.

Instead of the plastic water bottle being your go-to choice, purchase a BPA Free re-useable bottle. You can find these in pretty much any supermarket now and by buying re-usable, you are also going some way in helping the environment.

2. Avoid using cling film

We are terrible for feeling that we need to cover every item of food in cling film when storing it and worse still, covering foods with cling film that we are then reheating in the microwave.

BPA also lurks in cling film, so avoid it’s use as much as possible. When you get home from the shops, unwrap foods that are covered in plastic wrapping. Store your foods differently, what’s wrong with an upturned plate? Never cover foods in cling film for reheating, by doing so the BPA is leaching directly in to your heated foods. Yuk!

3. Get chemical savvy when it comes to fruit and veg.

The best way to reduce your toxin exposure from fruit and veg is to buy organic. However, this is costly and you may prefer to buy foods that have had a lower exposure to chemicals.

The Environment Working Group have provided guidance on which fruits and vegetables have the most and least exposure to toxins. You can find out more about the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen right here.

4. Consider your cosmetics
Cosmetics contain parabens and phthalates (among others) both of which are connected to male and female fertility problems. The average woman uses 12 beauty products per day which contain a staggering 168 different chemicals. That’s a scary number.

Changing all your cosmetics in one go would be a rather costly experience. Over time source more natural and fragrance-free products. As a rule of thumb consider whether you would put your perfume, shampoo, conditioner, body wash or lotion etc on a baby and if the answer is no – it’s not great for you either.

5. Avoid the air freshener high

When it comes to air freshener use and the effect of toxins and fertility, things get pretty scary. Aire fresheners contain phthalates that travel the shortest and most effective way in to your system, via your nose. Once there, these endocrine disrupters go directly to the hypothalamus which impacts on your finite hormonal balance.

Try to avoid the use of spray air fresheners but also plug in diffusers. Open windows and let your house or workplace breathe naturally.

Toxins and Fertility: 5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Toxin Exposure