The Fertile Garden


How many of you set out on your fertility journey without really giving a great deal of thought to any preparation? I suspect most of you. Don’t feel bad about that – none of us ever think that we are going to have a problem conceiving. Why should you it’s the most natural thing in the world?

But sadly that’s not always the case and perhaps right now you were wishing that you had a crystal ball and could have put a bit of preparation in right at the beginning.

Preparing for a big event is something I know only too well at the minute. This time next year I’m going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity (there, it’s now in print so I have to do it!) and this week is the start of my training to get myself in the best possible condition to be able to make the summit. You are sure to hear more about this from me as the year progresses and that’s enough about it for now. However it did get me thinking about how important it is for you to be prepared and pregnancy ready.

I want you think of your body as you would a flowerbed or veggie patch that you have decided to use to grow beautiful flowers or yummy vegetables. Would you just throw the flower or veg seeds in to an unprepared patch of soil? Of course you wouldn’t, this is what you would do…….

• You would weed out the bad to make room for the good.
• You would fork over the soil and remove the stones
• You would feed the soil with some organic fertiliser
• You would water the soil
• When the ground is ready you would carefully add the seeds
• You might nurture the ground to provide warmth and protection
• You would check the soil regularly to make sure it remains a fertile environment and keep checking for fertilisation.

So if you think of your body as that same fertile garden. Here’s what you need to do for you……………….

• Weed out the bad by making conscious lifestyle changes. Stop smoking, reduce alcohol and caffeine content as much as possible.
• Remove your toxic load. Consider where in your home and work life you may be exposed to toxins.
• Give consideration to your diet and nutrition. Start taking folic acid and Vitamin D daily and add in any extra supplements if needed.
• Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
• Make sure you are having sex every 2-3 days throughout the cycle.
• Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours sleep per day and consider whether you are dealing with stress effectively.
• Get to know your body. Start charting your cycles and observing the natural fertility indicators mother nature has given you – your CM and temperature. Work out when you are ovulating so you can make the most of the fertile time.

See how alike your body is to a garden? Make your body as fertile as your flowerbed or veggie patch by following these easy fertility boosting tips and then watch your garden bloom!

I’m here to help and advise you on how you can get pregnancy ready and conceive naturally. Get in touch – think of me as your hired gardener!

Fertility tips: Prepare your body to bloom