Keeping a fertility journal is a great way to help record thoughts and feelings, as well as to keep track of your cycle, diet, and changes in your body.

However there is so much more to it than that. My Fertility coaching clients tell me that journaling gives them the opportunity to:

  • release pent-up emotions.
  • organise thoughts.
  • Enhance emotional breakthroughs.
  • Record personal growth.
  • Express emotions without having the fear of judgment.
  • Understand how they really feel about a certain situation of event.
  • Reread and reprocess previous events.

So, how exactly do you start a fertility journal, and what do you put in it?

First you need somewhere to record everything. I am a sucker for pretty notebooks and have lots of them. Treat yourself to the most beautiful notebook and pen. Keep it close and handy for when you need it.

Next, you need to decide what exactly you want to keep in your fertility journal. The “journal” part can include your thoughts and feelings, what you’ve been eating, or how your fertility journey is progressing. It’s entirely up to you. You might include checklists of the things you want to do more research on, your favourite mantras or quotes to boost your positivity. It’s your journal and therefore up to you what you include.

A fertility journal is a tool – in order for it to be of use you need to use it regularly. Get in to a habit of making the time to write in your journal everyday. Perhaps decide on a particular place in the house where you can go to write your journal, a comfy chair or a secluded place in the garden and make this a habit.

If you are still not sure if journaling is for you, take a look at these other reasons how journaling can benefit you:

Your memory fades: Even though you have committed every little detail about your journey, your failed cycles, treatment regimes and the grades of frozen embryos to memory, those memories are going to fade.  Especially if the journey lingers on… and the details about cycle 2 and 4 start to blend. You should have a one place to look back on it all someday. And you will want to look back. While you are living it, you can’t appreciate how strong you are. That only comes from hindsight.

It is therapeutic: It’s another place to vent, and for those who hold it all in, it may be the only place to vent. And venting helps reduce stress. Reducing stress may help you conceive.

It is part of your history: Your fertility journey, however long it is or may be, is part of life’s rich tapestry. Right now, it feels rubbish but one day you’ll look back and see that this is what makes you – YOU.

Fertility Journalling - how to start keeping a fertility journal