A question I get asked a great deal in my Facebook Fertility Support Group is when should you see a Doctor about trying to conceive? Unfortunately, women tell me that their experience of approaching their doctor isn’t always a good one, especially if they have been trying for less than a year. It’s not that their doctor isn’t interested, but often due to time constraints of a 10-minute appointment or that the doctor doesn’t feel that the time is right to have a fertility discussion with a patient, until they have been trying to actively conceive for a period of timeWhen should you see a Doctor about trying to conceive?.

Why waste time?

I believe that time is of the essence, especially if you are over 35. Therefore as soon as you think of trying for a baby, this is exactly the right time to seek advice. I recommend that ladies have a fertility consultation with me as early as they can. We look at devising a personal fertility plan, just for you. Together we look at your medical history and your current health and medication – all of which can impact on your ability to conceive naturally. We also look in-depth into your lifestyle. It is amazing how little tweaks to aspects of your lifestyle like diet, exercise and stress can make a huge difference.

Take action

Research shows that 80% of couples under the age of 35 will have conceived within one year. This time is reduced substantially if a woman is charting her naturally fertility indicators to help her conceive. Many women start to track their natural fertility indicators (temperature, cervical secretions and changes in the cervix) by teaching themselves, however they don’t always get it right or indeed understand what your natural indicators are telling you. When you work with me, I teach you how to get to know your body in detail and importantly understand what your temperature and other indicators are telling you. Crucially, I also interpret your chart (which believe me is a pretty scientific process!), this interpretation can tell you, for example whether or not you are ovulating and if your luteal phase is sufficient to support an implanting pregnancy.

My recommendations

Based on our consultation, I may then suggest that you see your doctor if I feel there may be a medical reason affecting your ability to conceive or if it might be advisable to discuss a medication change with your doctor. Depending on how long you have been trying, I may recommend some initial investigations such as blood tests, urine tests, cervical smear test (if due) and sperm tests. I may also recommend a private blood test and scan to check for ovarian aging if appropriate for you.

What you can be sure of, is that I have the time you need and deserve to discuss all your fertility issues with you. I’m not restrained by a 10-minute appointment and fertility is my speciality, so you are guaranteed my full attention and over 20 years of expertise. It doesn’t matter where in the UK  as we chat by Skype. As long as I can see you, I feel that you are in my office with me, and so will you!

I hope that answers your questions on when should you see a Doctor about trying to conceive. Feel free to contact me to arrange your appointment.