Your Positive Fertility Plan Positivity is key. When you are trying to conceive, the focus is on what you can do to get your self in tip top condition physically, so much so, that often we forget that we need to look after our self emotionally too. I find that the majority of my fertility coaching clients have completely underestimated that side of their health and come to me when they feel completely emotional exhausted and full of negative emotions. The first thing we do is work together to build a positive mind-set plan. This helps bring back control, positivity and importantly a sense of hope that has often been lost along the way. Where do you start with your own personal positive mind-set plan? The key is in the word ‘personal’. It’s your own plan and what you have in it is completely based on your own needs. I offer you some ideas here but try and consider what is important to you. Write these down and when you’ve finished take a look back at your answers.

Ask yourself:

1. What 3 short-term goals you would like to achieve (resist the temptation to answer ‘pregnancy’ but to think if smaller goals that will help you achieve your long term plan). This might include things like start healthy eating, take up yoga or meditation or stop avoiding planning holiday, seeing family and feeling that life is on hold. 2. What is holding you back and making you feel more negative. This might include how you cope with friends and families pregnancy announcements, fear of never being pregnant or problems communicating with your partner. 3. How, in a perfect world, would you like to feel and be? Here you might write that you would like to feel in control of your health and your future, that you could find happiness in other aspects of your life or that you are content and complete.

Now consider the following:

• Devise an action plan to include small attainable milestones to reach each of your individual goals • Find yourself a mantra and remind yourself of this everyday. Mine is ‘let go of what you can’t control’ but I equally love ‘It will be OK in the end and if it’s not OK yet, you’ve not reached the end’. Find something that has meaning to you. • Keep a fertility journal to record your emotions and your action plan. Review your action plan weekly and set new goals as you need to. • Take up exercise to get those endorphins working in your favour. Exercise is the best stress buster and helps you regain positivity. • Find a relaxation therapy that works for you, whether it be yoga, meditation or visualisation. • Get a fertility coach. My fertility coaching ladies love that as well as helping them to feel more positive and hopefully that my medical knowledge really means that I have an understanding and appreciation of the challenges they face. What are you waiting for? Devise your Positivity Mind-set Plan today and find YOU again. SaveSave