I am delighted and humbled to introduce Julie and her heartbreaking story of the impact of male infertility. Julie and her husband have faced incredible pain along her journey in pursuit of her dream. Julie’s story is testament to how her incredible determination and endless hope paid off. 

The beginning

I got married in September 2008 and always wanted a September baby. So we held off trying till December. I came off the pill right away and we used condoms.

By August I had a conversation with my GP who agreed to perform some initial tests. My test came back absolutely fine so she asked my hubby to make an appointment to see her. He didn’t at first, so we carried on blaming me and my stress levels till February 2010, when he finally bit the bullet just so we could move forward and see if my tubes were blocked.

The shock of male infertility

February 19th 2010 at 4.35 pm my world collapsed, we were facing male infertility. My husband had absolutely no sperm and I was too fat to be given any form of treatment, so although we were referred to my local fertility clinic, they could only talk us through the process they couldn’t actually do anything.

June 2010 I booked a Christmas gift for my husband. We were struggling in our relationship and we had always discussed going to New York for New Year. So off I went to the travel agent and booked it on a whim. To say expensive…. well I’m sure you can imagine. I started to worry that the dates would clash with treatment but as I still hadn’t lost enough weight we went, and it was wonderful! Just what we needed to get our relationship back on track.

The treatment

So a few months later I’d lost enough weight. Away we went back to the clinic. It was November 3rd and I started on injections at 6am every morning to put my body through Ivf. When things had grown to where they were supposed to be, my husband had an operation that cut into his testicles and took samples out to see if they could grow some sperm. Our treatment would then become ICSI.

The operation was unsuccessful and we had bought some doner sperm as back up. It all happened so fast. “Sorry it didn’t work but if you’d like to come this way we’ll suck out your eggs mix with the sperm and your done” (maybe not quite those words but it felt like we had no choice). My poor husband felt like the biggest failure and I’d put my body through so much, we just did as we were told.

The heartache

A few hours later we were told it was all done and to come back when they contacted us for transfer. They extracted 11 eggs only 2 of which developed into anything good enough to go back in. 2 weeks after transfer we had bloods done and got our first ever bfp 3 days before Christmas! After all we had been through, we were finally going to be parents. On Christmas Day 15 mins after telling my parents (who knew nothing of what we had done or gone through because my husband was so ashamed!) I started bleeding and lost my little one.

The joy

I’d put weight on due to the treatment and the amount of stress we were going through and we couldn’t have any more sperm from the uk due to shortages. So it was March/April 2012 before we obtained more sperm. In the May we had our first natural cycle IUI and got a bfp! That bfp was my beautiful, amazing and so perfect daughter Charlotte. I couldn’t love anything or anyone more if I tried!!

We started with more IUI treatment in January 2014 with 2 fail attempts. We then decided to buy more sperm and in May and got the bfp we were praying for but at 6 weeks I lost my baby.

I really didn’t think I could try again as I’d been through so much with male infertility and was just grateful for my baby girl. However I wanted her to have a sibling so that they are not alone. So off we went in August, only 6-7 weeks after my miscarriage and thankfully got our bfp!  I’m now 11 weeks and going great. I thank god for my babies every day.

Love Julie xxx

Julie's Story - The impact of male infertility