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Ladies! Forget searching for the stork…the secret is in the peacock!



I thought we could all do with a little light relief from the seriousness that is trying to conceive, so as this year’s Chinese New Year is coming up really soon (the year of the Monkey), on the 8th of Feb, I decided to take a closer look at Chinese fertility symbols.

Most of us are already following some sort of TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine), whether it’s the mystery herbs, acupuncture, and/or keeping our wombs warm with hot teas and bone broth, but let’s explore the lesser known traditional fertility myths for a giggle.



  • The top of everyone’s fertility fruit list through the ages and across cultures seems to be pomegranate – seeds & juice. The ancient Chinese often gave pictures of an open ripe pomegranate displaying all its seeds as wedding gifts for good luck in fertility. Pictures of pomegranates were hung in homes to bless the home with abundant offspring. Even in our western culture, rumour has it that pomegranate juice is great for sperm as well as thickening the uterus lining ready for implantation.


  • Dates signify that something is going to happen soon so they were placed on the marriage bed yourfertilityjourney.comto make the children happen soon!


  • On New Year’s Eve, the Chinese often celebrate by eating dumplings called “jiaozi”, which translates literally to “sleep together and have sons”. Sometimes they will put dates into the dumplings.


  • Chopsticks are given to couples as gifts to wish them luck in conceiving quickly.




  • Fish, especially the carp, produces many eggs and is therefore seen as a symbol of abundant children. Fish symbols are found on lucky charms. A pair of fish symbolises happiness in marriage.


  • The rat has a strong reproductive system with a high survival rate. Images of rats were cut out of a piece of red paper and then used to decorate couple’s bedroom for many soon-to-be children. These days the paper has been replaced by small figurines, and decorative pillows or dolls.


  • A frog is an emblem of Yin energy and good luck. Chinese Feng Shui recommends putting an image of a frog in the east window of your home to encourage children and a happy family.


  • Here’s the best one ladies, the ancient Chinese believed that one glance from a peacock could make a woman pregnant! If you can’t find or convince a real peacock to look at you, then a peacock charm could give you a little luck anyway J.




  • The dragon is one of the ultimate Chinese symbols for all things good. Chinese dragon pictures, figurines, charms or pendants were given to couples to promote the start of their family.


  • Jade is a beautiful natural stone which is given to women as fertility gifts in the form of jewellery.


  • The Lotus and Peony Flowers puyourfertilityjourney.comt around your house fresh, ornaments or pictures, promotes creation, love and marital bliss.

Kate: Bianca, Peony flowers are my absolutely favourite and my husband always sends me a peony bouquet for our wedding anniversary in June (just when these flowers are in bloom). I had no idea the belief was they promoted love and martial bliss!


  • Clouds, especially when they have more than one colour are a good sign of children to come.


So there you have it ladies. The next time someone asks you what you would like for your birthday, give them this list and see how creative they can be. You never know, you might wake up to a peacock gazing in your eyes and then you’re set!


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