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How long after ovulation should you take a pregnancy test?


Have you ever wondered how long after ovulation you should take a pregnancy test?

This is the question I get asked frequently by my patients and it’s one of the main topics of conversation in my Facebook Fertility Support Group.

When should you do a test if you have a regular cycle and crucially when is the right time to take a pregnancy test when you have an irregular cycle?

If taken too early you are likely to end up with an inaccurate result so it’s really important to do it at the right time, even if this means sitting on your hands for a week or two and resisting the temptation to test! There is nothing worse than the agony of a negative result, so spare yourself this pain and do the test at the RIGHT time.

Doing the pregnancy test at the right time of day is important too, as well as choosing the right test to use. Should you by a cheap test or go all out and buy the most expensive one in the store?

Is there anything that can make your result inaccurate?

Find out all you need to know in my 7 minute video……

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