Would you really LOVE to get fertility support from other women who REALLY know what your going through and be able to tap in to an expert in fertility?

 Do you feel lonely and don’t know who to talk to?

Are you looking for a safe place to talk about your deepest darkest fears and worries?

Would you like to find a support group that you can visit from the comfort of your own home?

Look no further….join Your Fertility Support Group UK.

The Group

Your Fertility Support Group is a Facebook Support Group for women living in the UK who navigating a fertility journey. It doesn’t matter whether you have just embarked on your journey and want some sound advice or whether you are going through IVF, adoption or donor. Every one is welcome.

The group is a ‘closed’ Facebook group, meaning that only members can see your posts and they are not visible to anyone else or any of your Facebook friends.

Your Fertility Support Group is your safe place to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and advice with other women in the same situation. As well as being a virtual support group, you’ll also be able to access me through the group to tap into my knowledge and insights. Make the most of it, it’s your place to chat, cry, scream, laugh and support each other.

Your Fertility Support Group is fast becoming the BEST Fertility Support Group out there so come in and join us.


Barbara - Support Group

Thanks again for all the help you’ve given me Kate.  It can feel such a difficult and isolating experience, and I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across you on Facebook.

Lisa - Support Group

So glad to have found a fertility support group! Only wish I’d thought of finding it months ago!!

Louisa - Support Group

It is so nice to know I am not alone. No one can understand the pain of fertility issues except those that have been there. It’s not just support, but support from women who feel your pain.

Sophie - Support Group

I am so grateful for a place like this where we can support each other…..thank you Kate for creating this wonderful group.

Amanda - Support Group

Thank you Kate for allowing us a space to voice our doubts and concerns, openly and honestly; without fear or prejudice…I’m hoping that in itself it will give us all ‘an edge’ in achieving our hearts desire: whether 1st time motherhood or continued mothering xx

Janet - Support Group

Kate, It is great that you created this group because only those women who are undergoing this pain can understand each other…… Before this I used to seek support from my friends who are already mothers, but I guess I was sharing my feelings with the wrong people. Now, I feel I am at the right place where I can share my feelings.

Sam - Support Group

I want to thank everyone who is supporting me through this hard time- love this group so glad I found it. People on here are lovely to chat to and it takes pressure off a bit hearing other people’s success stories and tips who are going through the same thing. I come on here everyday it makes me feel more positive and Kate is always here encouraging us

Sarah - Support Group

I love this support group already as for the first time I will be able to share my thoughts and feelings with like minded people, offer support where possible and gain knowledge and suggestions from others posts. Thank you Kate xx