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Top 10 Most Read Fertility Articles 2017. Fertility articles you need to read

2017 has been a busy year of fertility blogging for YFJ and my  readers have been reading them in abundance.  You have all been voting with your clicks and this tells me what you have found the most useful to read for advice and support on your fertility journey. Here is a little round-up of your most favourite blogs and the fertility articles you need to read.

The Fertility Articles You Need to Read

1. Inositol Supplements for PCOS and why you should take it

This supplement has been found in research trials to alleviate metabolic deficiency and hormonal imbalance that cause the symptoms of PCOS, find out why you should take it and how it can help not only your PCOS but also your fertility.


2. How to cope with a negative pregnancy test……again

My top strategies for coping with a negative pregnancy test.


3. Fertility Journaling – why I recommend you keep a Fertility Journal

Keeping a fertility journal is a great way to help record thoughts and feelings, as well as to keep track of your cycle, diet, and changes in your body….and so much more. Find out what and how to journal.


4. IVF – What it is and what’s involved

When you’re told you need IVF, those words can send you in to a bit of a spin. Find out exactly what’s involved.

5. Condensyl – The male supplement for healthy sperm and successful conception

Condensyl is a dietary supplement in tablet form designed to improve the fertilisation capability of sperm. Condensyl achieves this by boosting the body’s own ability to prevent or correct sperm damage caused by environmental pollutants and oxidation. Find out how this fabulous little supplement improves sperm quality.

6. Progesterone and Your Fertility

The little hormone progesterone plays a mighty big part in conception. Find out more about it and what you can do to increase your progesterone levels for optimum fertility.

7. Kate’s Fertility Boosting Granola

This recipe was a firm favourite amongst my fertility support group, find out why….

8.PCOS can’t be cured….BUT it absolutely can be controlled!

Can you remember at time when you felt good? A time when PCOS didn’t define you? A time when you felt at the right weight? A day when you felt full of vitality and energy? When you could walk in to a room and feel confident? Find out how to get YOU back again.


9.Should I take time off work after embryo transfer?

Whether or not to take some time off work following embryo transfer is a question I get asked a great deal. Some women feel that they would like to take a week or two off to rest and some feel that if they stayed at home they would be going crazy by the second week of the dreaded 2 week wait. Find out what you should do.


10. Spotting: Is my bleeding a period or just spotting and how can I tell the difference?

Spotting at different times in the cycle and particularly before a period starts is a relatively common occurance. However this leads to a great deal of confusion among women, as to whether or not this is a true period bleed.



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