Why should you consider fertility coaching? Going through fertility investigations and treatments is possibly one of the most challenging and difficult life events you will ever experience as a couple.  If you are currently navigating your way along your own turbulent fertility journey, I suspect at times you feel all at sea. You may feel isolated and alone and desperate to have someone to confide in. This is where Fertility Coaching can help.

Why I love Fertility Coaching - this may surprise you!

Many women are turning to Fertility Coaching to help plug that gap and to facilitate bringing about a renewed sense of possibility and purpose into their lives that are currently dominated by the exhausting trial of trying to conceive.

I love Fertility Coaching and let me tell you why………….

Well, If I’m honest I’m nosey! But put a nice way I guess you could say I’m interested in people. I find other people fascinating and extraordinary.

I also believe that I ‘m a reasonably positive person. We all have our negative days I agree, however, in general, I try to be positive about most things. This sometimes drives my husband mad. I refuse to look negatively on situations, which is in sharp contrast to other members of my extended family who have the tendency to be rather pessimistic and cup half empty in their outlook.

So you might ask ‘what makes you so positive Kate?’. Well, I have worked on my positivity and I still do so every day. The reason I work on it is that I have really seen the benefits that thinking positively has had on my life. I worry and stress less and feel more content and happy in my daily life. If I’m having a bad day (after all I am only human!) I now have the tools to rationalise this out and change my perspective. It’s not always easy, but it does work!

What is Fertility Coaching really all about?Fertility Coaching at www.yourfertilityjourney.com

Fertility coaching helps you to gain some sense of control over the process that is happening to you. Let’s face it, you can’t control the treatment or the rigorous schedule you have to endure, however, you absolutely can control how you cope with it! Fertility coaching not only gives you that someone to talk to and to support you but it also equips you with fabulous practical tools and techniques to help change your mindset from one of negativity to positivity. Research clearly shows that women with a positive mindset have greater IVF success than women who feel very negative and worn down by their journey.

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Why I love Fertility Coaching - this may surprise you!