I’ve worked in the field of Fertility for a very long time now, over 20 years in fact! Typing that makes me feel a little old.

I’ve been working in women’s health for the majority of that time and in particular in fertility. I’ve always had an interest in women’s health, probably because women’s health spans from puberty right the way through to the menopause and beyond. However my true love has been supporting women along a fertility journey

I am the luckiest person a live because I have the best job. Deciding to start my private practice took a great deal of guts and motivation, but it has paid off because every day I wake in the morning excited to start work. My favourite days are when I receive a lovely email from one of my patients saying they are pregnant! It is such a privilege to often be the second person to know. Last week I even received a gorgeous bunch of flowers from a very happy patient. It’s easy to see why my job is so rewarding.

You may have come across my website or ‘met’ me on social media and have been wondering how I can help you on your fertility journey? I’ve put together a short video to give you a snapshot of what I do and how this can help you along your fertility journey.

Watch the video here………