Guest blog from Dr Fatin Willendrup – Head of Medical Affairs at ExSeed Health.

More than 45 million couples worldwide are affected by infertility, and more than 40% of these cases include some component of male infertility.

It is estimated that, on a global scale, up to 12% of men (>30 million) will have fertility issues during their lifetime (Agarwal 2015). Semen analysis is considered the cornerstone in male infertility evaluation, but men often feel embarrassed to go to urologists, and women therefore carry the weight of infertility (Carmeli 1994, Inhorn 2007).

ExSeed Health is taking action and bringing focus upon male infertility to help couples all over the world to conceive.

Infertility is as much due to problems in the man as in the woman. Therefore, it is very important that the man tests his semen quality and thinks of his fertility status when starting a “project baby”.

Why do men need a sperm test?

While fertility testing often start with the female visiting the doctor, the male partner may be surprised to find out that it is crucial that he is tested too. As we learned from above, the problem could just as well be because of the male.

It is not possible to evaluate the quality of a sperm sample just by looking at it. Therefore, it is very much necessary get and examination of the seminal fluid to find out how fertile you are as a male. Here, among other things, the ability of the sperm to move (motility) and how many sperm are produced per ml (concentration) are measured.

Testing of sperm quality should be done when the couple start to consider a new baby. But because sperm quality may vary during the year and is also affected by lifestyle, it is also recommended to test every 3 months to see how the status is.

With the Danish-produced ExSeed home sperm test, which has a state-of-the art technology of semen analysis, it is now possible to analyse sperm concentration and motility at home. These are the two most important parameters used to determine semen quality.

In addition, through the ExSeed app, the user receives personal counseling and lifestyle programs to help increase sperm quality and increase chances of pregnancy.

What is ExSeed home sperm test used for

ExSeed is a smartphone-based self-test for assessment of:

  • Semen volume (ml)
  • Sperm cell concentration (Million/ml)
  • Sperm cell motility (%)
  • Total Motile Sperm Cells (Million)

ExSeed enables a user to estimate the quality of his sperm sample. Some studies show that Serial analyses of semen from the same man over time have natural variation and may have significant clinical application in the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility. Sperm concentration and motility can be affected by lifestyle and environment. With ExSeed the user can monitor and track the progression of the sperm quality over time making it possible to evaluate the best time for babymaking.

In a clinical study comparing the results of the ExSeed self-test to certified laboratory equipment, ExSeed obtained a correct classification in over 95% of cases for the measurement of Total Motile Sperm Cells (TMSC) in a semen sample.

What else can I do with the ExSeed

Besides an accurate sperm analysis at home, through the Exseed app you will be able to do the following:

  • view videos of semen samples
  • Improve semen quality by personal lifestyle programs and coaching.
  • Find contact information on fertility clinics
  • Send a fertility report to a health professional
  • Read general information about sperm quality and male fertility
  • Book a consultation with a lifestyle coach

With all the above actions and possibilities, men are offered the best fertility service from home through the free ExSeed app.

You can find out more about ExSeed and how this could help you on your fertility journey right here.