The prospect of egg retrieval throws up a mixture of emotions – fear of the procedure itself, excitement that you are at this stage in the process, worry that you might not get enough good quality eggs, anxiety about what to expect etc, etc

If you are about to embark on egg retrieval, these are the 5 tips I recommend to help you get through the process in one piece. 5 Tips to help get you through egg retrieval

1. Wear comfy clothing to the clinic for egg retrieval

Prior to your egg retrieval, you may be feeling a little bloated from the IVF medications. After the egg retrieval, you are likely to be feeling a little sore and therefore pulling on a pair of comfy tracksuit bottoms or leggings is all you’ll want to do. This also means that when you get home, you can carry on lounging on the sofa in comfort.

2. Be prepared with a good book to distract you

As with any hospital appointment, there is always a fair bit of waiting around. Take a good book or magazine or let your self get distracted by social media whilst you wait for it to be your turn. There will also be a delay until you can go home after your procedure so make sure you have plenty to occupy yourself with afterwards.

3. Make sure someone is with you

Whether it be your partner or a friend, make sure someone is there with you and crucial overnight at home. You are going to need plenty of moral support but also someone to make you a cup of tea and make sure you have no complications overnight.

4. Allow yourself the time to rest after egg retrieval

Post egg retrieval you are going to feel physically and emotionally drained. Be selfish and allow this time for you and recharge your batteries. Today is the day for a duvet day!

5. Be positive

What you have just achieved is a huge step in creating your family. Positivity is key here and research shows that maintaining a positive mindset helps in achieving IVF success. I always schedule in a Fertility Coaching session post egg retrieval with my patients going through IVF, so make sure you chat with your coach over the next few days to keep your positivity flowing.

5 Tips to help get you through egg retrieval